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But one of the most powerful motivations I’ve had was a specific teacher who basically told me I would never make it.I was always competitive and wanted to be the lead in the show we were doing, and she wanted someone else to do it.

You’re never going to be the lead in anything.’ I just smiled at her and kind of plopped back, but it was a fire that burned inside. But the real [inspirations] were my parents, who came from the Dominican Republic, got married, moved to Missouri, went to college, started a preschool, and kind of built a life from nothing and became very successful.

Sometimes I almost would rather they not meet my dog because they just want to play with him.

He's an Alaskan Klee Kai, and he's about 2 1/2.

But when it comes to my personal life and family relationships, I don’t feel the need to convey every detail of that. [Talking about it] can ruin a relationship.” Logan: “If it’s not good for both people’s lives, then you just don’t usually talk about it.

The other day someone asked me about my last breakup and I didn’t say who it was, but I was like, ‘Yeah, I broke up with my girlfriend, like, a year and a half ago.’ And I was surprised because I expected her to ask, ‘And who was that? I was like, that’s good.”Carlos: “I hate to use the word famous because I just don’t like that word, but the more famous you get, the more impossible [keeping things private] becomes.