Vmware ntp not updating

v Motion VMware v Sphere live migration allows you to move an entire virtual machine from one physical server to another, without downtime.

Customers can migrate live virtual machines across clusters, distributed switches, v Centers and over long distances of up to 100 ms RTT.

Users and groups can be assigned full administrative privileges.

There's no need to share access or a common super user account in order to perform administrative tasks.

Refer to the v Sphere Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for supported storage adapters that have been qualified for ESXi.

VMware also provides remote command lines, such as the v Sphere Command Line Interface (v CLI) and Power CLI, to provide command and scripting capabilities in a more controlled manner.v Realize Operations for Horizon comes with two licenses: The Desktop Agent should be installed on every Horizon Agent machine. If you’re not running the latest version of Horizon 7 Agent, then upgrade the v ROps Desktop Agent on those machines.The Windows Server 2012 Core gives you just a basic command prompt window, so where do you click to install the VMware tools? v Realize Operations Manager 6.6.1 has a new HTML5 user interface that looks quite different from v Realize Operations Manager 6.5 and older, thus necessitating a new post.See the post v Realize Operations for Horizon 6.4 for the older user v ROps user interface, and older Horizon Adapters.