Utorrent eztv feed not updating

This can be done using Gnome-Schedule and a simple script file /bin/bash /usr/local/bin/flexget #start flexget to download all .torrent files from rss export DISPLAY=:0.0 #required to run gui apps such as q Bit Torrent /usr/bin/qbittorrent #run qb, which will pick up .torrent files from the ~/.torrent folder This link gives out magnet links.Magnet links do not show full filename until a peer connects to it.Is there a way to make it so that as soon as a new torrent is picked up in the RSS feed it automatically downloads? Now, select that feeds which you want to apply rule.I have my feed set up correctly and I see new tv episodes appear in the Torrents list but I have to go through and double click each one which is incredibly annoying. Apply rule to feeds: check the appropriate feed, close. You will see on the right that torrents, which fit with the rule.Is there any way to make these start downloading as soon as they are detected? You will see on the right which torrents matching with your rule. Enable the automated RSS downloader with the checkbox, then click on the green '). When you finished with the settings, click on Close.I think it won't download that torrents from the feed which is already read. I had configured my rss feed on the torrent site so I didn't create a rule originally. Blue=unread items Grey=read itemsq Bittorrent will not download the read items, only the unread ones! game of thrones, check the feed, then you will see that torrents, which matching with the rule (game of thrones).So, to get this working we need an RSS feed which informs us of new episodes being released.To create this RSS feed I recommend you signing up on Show

To do this we have to: The Download Station is able to monitor an RSS feed and download all new entries or only specific ones based on a pattern.Is there any matching RSS article on the right after you set up the rule? Then click close and that's all, the automatic RSS downloader working now.I think the problem is that, you already marked the items as read, and that's why the downloading is not working.How to make qbittorent download episode as soon as it's out there? I'm kinda lost on that section I don't want to download previous episodes, otherwise I'll end up downloading trillions of mythbusters videos.I get feed from I learnt one thing or two from here but not everything so my question still stands, I have yet to figure out how to ignore previous episodes.