Updating your voc file

The second coat of Premium One water based latex interior paint still smells.

We have 2 air purifiers and had our windows opens for a week while painting and for 12 days afterward. As of today however we are dealing with a smell from Friday.

The calculator-based recreator landuse scenario shares the following identical default exposure parameters with the residential landuse scenario: body surface area, ingestion rates, body weight and soil adherence factors.

Default recreational exposure parameters are not provided for exposure frequency, exposure time and events per day because recreational activities vary greatly and should be derived on a site-specific basis.

It’s awful and I’m afraid to let my daughter sleep in there (although she has for two nights).

As used in this subpart— “Price” means cost plus any fee or profit applicable to the contract type. (B) Cost data to the extent necessary for the contracting officer to determine a fair and reasonable price.

Requesting unnecessary data can lead to increased proposal preparation costs, generally extend acquisition lead time, and consume additional contractor and Government resources.

Use techniques such as, but not limited to, price analysis, cost analysis, and/or cost realism analysis to establish a fair and reasonable price.

To try to get rid of the smell I would put a container with some coffee in it.

Usually something like that might happen if there is excessive moisture which makes the paint dry slower and may contribute to the paint smelling.