Unwritten dating rules updating firmware on scalar 100

A bro is prohibited from dating another bro’s sister.

This is important because the relationship might fail and when this happens, it ends on a sour note.

Now that ‘online dating’ is no longer secretive or taboo, it’s officially become a day-to-day part of our lives, whether you or your friends are on Tinder, Raya, JSwipe or just sliding in someone’s DM’s.

But the term ‘online dating’ already feels so dated; it’s not really relevant for our generation.

ALLAN OLINGO explores"There are a lot of silent code of conducts between men and women which govern relations between both sexes," adds Miduwa.

Maina Kung’u, a customer care executive, says although much of the code has good moral intentions, many people choose to discard it."It is best to follow your instincts and never cross the line.

With all this inter-connectedness comes some incest.

These algorithms can present you with someone great but they can also present that person with your best friend too. You’re not officially dating this person, it’s technically fair game.

Talk to her, and talk about her, what she likes, how she feels.

I will always remain true to my girls, though there are many instances I have seen some of our friends go against The Chic Code, say by dating another girlfriend’s ex," she says. Simply put, if you are hanging out with your bro and your woman calls for you, ignore her.

On the other hand, if you are out with a woman and a brother calls for your help, rush to his aid.

None of my friends use or Guardian Soulmates and the sheer immediacy of dating apps is a whole different playing field to traditional ‘online dating’ or meeting someone IRL. The online playing field is fickle, fast-paced and essentially, entirely superficial.

Within minutes you can find someone hot, then find out if they like similar things to you, hang out at the same places, then within seconds find out who your mutual friends are, where they last got drunk and where their mum lives. The excitement and urgency at which we find people is reflective of the speed at which we move on.