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You are selling insurance programs that nobody has ever heard of, yet you do so because there is opportunity getting others to do as you are. You are told, “get out there and make some cold calls”, “call your friends and family”, “talk about it every day”, “use social media to mention something about it every day”, “check up on your downline”, “boast about how great the product is”.

This is called hustling and unfortunately it puts your reputation on the line. Unfortunately there is a systemic problem with MLM and that derives in the business model itself.

There are many “awards” that you can pay money for out there.

Lots of the MLM companies get so many complaints within online platforms that they have entire teams dedicated to clearing their name.

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Want to know more about Consumer Affairs accredited brands? FIND OTHER COMPANIESI joined the website after a few friends recommended it or thought I should give the site a try.

I personally know, I have been involved in MLM’s and this was unfortunately the only way I could promote it.

I sold my Aunts and Uncles, my Cousins, tried to sell my friends, and of course my parents bought into my products because I thought I was an entrepreneur.

I was on the site for 6 days and was very unhappy with my matches.

I live in a major city and most of my matches lived in the suburbs or far away from my location.