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From the start, Gene Roddenberry set out to create a platform that would embrace his own idealistic vision of Earth’s future, in which the worst aspects of humanity — war, greed, poverty, and intolerance — had been widely eliminated. These concepts became the blueprint for all future Star Trek series, with the subject matter evolving to fit social issues particularly relevant to the time in which they were produced.His insistence on creating a racially and culturally diverse main cast was the most obvious first step in this direction, but the show also addressed major social issues of the day, including the Civil Rights movement and the U. Perhaps the most frequently cited example Star Trek’s socially progressive approach is an episode from the original series called “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.” In it, two factions of a species of (literally) half white, half black humanoids are determined to destroy each other.

More importantly, the characters had backstories, and real thought had been put into the technology powering the fiction and how it might actually work in theory.The Scanadu Scout™ has not been cleared or approved by FDA.The following content is Scanadu's vision of the final design that will be subject to FDA clearance prior to marketing.This year marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Star Trek franchise.Not even creator Gene Roddenberry himself could have predicted its longevity, die-hard fan base, or the impact it would have — on both the sci-fi genre and on the world in general.