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Today we’re going to highlight no less than 100 fantastic Android applications, across categories such as productivity, entertainment, reading, file sharing, and useful utilities.You’ll be amazed what the Android device in your pocket is capable of!From humble beginnings, the operating system has quickly become a dominant force in the mobile industry today.The open-source platform is free from restrictions that come with other devices, and this has lead to the development of some really fantastic software.In this case, it stores the URL of the Android Market page for the Barcode Scanner application.

Android has gone from strength to strength over the past few years.Assuming I have a perfect sandbox and I reformat the USB drive, how large is the possibility that my system gets compromised from using this USB drive? An SD card is storage and won't do anything bad if you just insert it into a reader and read from it.I'll leave this question's scope open to the possibility of both software and hardware (hidden memory? A USB peripheral could be anything, even if its form factor is that of a USB drive.See also: android2cloud, which does the opposite: lets you send pages from your phone to your computer browser.Price: Free Everyone loves to have a simple to-do list easily at hand, and your Android phone is the perfect place to manage tasks on-the-go.