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However, this extra research meant she slipped through our fingers again, and is now still at large. The full power and might of our incredible investigative team will be brought to bear on this woman, just as soon we find her.

If you do see her, we suggest keeping very calm, before screaming 'Help, I'm in the presence of a dangerous psychotic lunatic.

Asked why they thought she was now living in Liberty City, our sources said, "We raided her apartment last week in one of those funny towns down south with a Spanish name, Los Something or other, or San Somebody, and we found a ticket with a flight to Francis International Airport.

It didn't take us long to realize this was the airport in Liberty City, but just to make sure, we rang up and checked and then looked on the internet.

Your new home in Kilgore, centrally located between Tyler, Liberty City and Longview, Texas.

Large, spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartments with all the amenities.

The neighbor told the man Franco lived around the corner.

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The woman could only describe the three men as “country looking.”The day after the shooting, officials talked to a neighbor living near the scene.

The woman, of mixed Dominican and Colombian descent, is regarded as extremely dangerous, especially if you are a bank teller with a shot gun in your throat.

She has, to date, avoided capture or apprehension by the security forces and is to be approached with extreme care.

The neighbor told police that sometime between and p.m.

the night of the shooting, a truck pulled into his driveway and a man asked if Franco lived there.