Dating middle children

Middle-class parents are damaging their children by not being able to say “no”, a top child psychologist has claimed.

For many teachers, bad behaviour in the classroom does not stem from the pupils themselves but the parents, according to Dr Amanda Gummer, a research psychologist specialising in child development.

You’ve completed loveisrespect’s Relationship Spectrum activity. If you have more questions about the difference between healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationship behaviors, chat with a peer advocate.

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There will be days that you and your partner disagree on some things, and it is important that you keep your communication strong.

It’s not right for you or your partner to hold grudges.

Teachers were being “frustrated to tears” as a result of these attitudes, she said.

No matter how healthy the relationship, no two people will always like all the same things.

But name-calling is an abusive behavior and unnecessarily hurtful. You and your partner should have enough respect for one another where you two understand what information should be shared– such as hobbies and mutual interests -- and what should not be shared -- like social security numbers and pin codes to bank accounts.

“Children need rules, boundaries and opportunities to feel the cold, go hungry and fall down and hurt themselves, so they can learn from their mistakes,” concluded Dr Gummer.

All relationships exist on a spectrum from healthy to abusive with unhealthy somewhere in the middle.