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He became so poor that people called him “Hundred Patches Teacher,” nicknamed after his torn-and-mended suit.

Chae remembers the one-meal-a-day bowl of soup, so watery that he could see through it.

SEOUL, South Korea—Chae Yoon-kwon flipped over every charred corpse littered across the streets of Seoul, South Korea.

It was late September 1950, soon after the United States forces attacked the city and forced the North Korean army to retreat.

As they scurried to leave, the North Korean soldiers shot and burned hundreds of prisoners, most of them Christian preachers—and possibly Chae’s father Chae Sang-hyun. That day, as he stared wretchedly at the smoking carnage of blood and ashes, a group gathered and started singing an old hymn: “In the sweet by and by, we shall meet on that beautiful shore.” By the 13th time they sang the song, everyone had stopped weeping.

Chae too dried his tears, then dedicated his life to Jesus Christ, thinking, “This is the faith that can save our country.

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